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PREFACE:   The general purpose of any of my writing is to mandate thought within the reader. I'm not concerned as to wether my reading audience agrees with what I have to say, only that they seriously think about what it is they've read. If my writing can cause just one person to use their brain and think for themselves even once, then, as far as I'm concerned, it has met with succeess.


A Glass Corner of the Universe   This poem was also published, but this time I didn't even pay for a stamp. (I submitted it to "" one day while at work.) I wrote this poem about the anxiety and suspense that accompanies any evaluation of a person's best effort coupled with the intense stress of a deadline-ridden school/work week. It's the whole idea that once a person is already totally stressed, the slighest remark can have an unimaginable impact.

Ironman   I wrote this poem for an English project, actually. The deal was that we had to write 3 poems about 3 different characters from the book, "The Great Gatsby." I wrote this one about Gatsby himself and his descent into hell after being shot and trying to manipulate everyone and everything... The name comes from the fact that I was listening to a Black Sabbath "Greatest Hits" album at the time of creative conception...

Stonewall Rides for Freedom Again   I don't remember the purpose of this poem, but I do remember that it was an assignment of sorts. Looking back into old papers, I found it, and was actually still impressed with myself. Because of that, I will now offer my thoughts on monetary freedom within the American free-market capitalist economy as it applies to the modern infomercial.

The Trip   I actually got this poem published by some no-name Southwestern Poets anthology... I don't think they had any idea what the heck this was about on account of the fact that it was right in the middle of some cheezy poems about bunnies and flowers and whatnot... I've come to the conclusion that they were just trying to live the American dream by selling their books to the unsuspecting assholes of the world who actually buy things like that. (Then again, what does that say about me... I bought one...)

" brings a tear to my eye." A metaphor to end all metaphors.   I choose not to divulge any real explanation for this, so just interpret the contents however feels natural. Two things I will say: One, any meaning that is derived from the reading of this poem was most likely intended as the words were chosen with extreme care. Two, happy birthday to a sister.

In My Waking Hour   I wrote this poem in German class, in Germany, on the last day of our studies in Zittau. I had a dream the day before that, during which I was abruptly awoken by my roomate Alex shutting the door to our room so as to take a nap himself. In any case, that's in there, along with some other stuff that I'd probably be willing to explain if I were asked. In a final note, this poem is dedicated to my friend Aleksandra.


Frozen Dinner   These lyrics were written for a girl on whom I had a crush for a very long time. Furthermore they have not been read by nearly anyone, and I doubt, even after posting, they WILL be read by hardly anyone.

Gingerbread Epiphany No.1   I wrote these lyrics late one night, somewhat dejected with everyone and everything. The idea of the Gingerbread Epiphany is that I, like every other member of my society, come out of the exact same mold. Read the paper "Pinnochio Takes Woodshop" for a more concise explanation of this general idea.

Gingerbread Epiphany No.2   These lyrics were written the day after the Gingerbread Epiphany No.1. Here, I'm disgusted with my temporary lapse into a "weakling's depression". Be a man, get mad, use some testosterone... that's the idea here. If I were ever to use these, I think I'd probably couple the two into one song, alternating between slow and fast tempos, in an attempt to keep things interesting.

The Hyde Inside   This, one of the few works of 2003, has gotten mixed reviews. These are by far the most disturbing lyrics I've written. I thank my mother for the ability to control the content herein. Viewer discression is advised.

Lemming Ambition   These lyrics, although similar to the others, have a better musical definition in my head. I've got the sections split off into how I mentally project the tune, and I believe that this probably has the most potential of any of the songs I've written.

Manifest Destiny   Here, we have some lyrics that I wrote over the 2001/2002 winter break. When I hear these lyrics put to music in my head, I can best imagine Pantera performing them. The song itself is about organized religion, and the whole concept of the "force-fed, prepackaged philosophy." Anyone reading this might come to the conclusion that it's about one religious creed in particular... let me clarify. Although this assumption would most likely be correct, it must be understood that the song and its intent are directed at ALL religions which practice this "constant bombardment" approach to the afterlife. It just so happens that this was the easiest for me to write about, on account of being propositioned SO MANY TIMES with respect to these specific ideals.

Money-Making Sack of Sour Cream   These are some of the oldest lyrics I've written. The underlying theme in this is like that of much of my work: Corporate/Capitalist based annoyance. There's another, more overt, theme here, involving a fast-food chain, and a rumor that was passed around by a friend in Junior High. After a little editing, for language and flow, I think these are finally safe to present to the world. One last note, this piece is dedicated to Shaun.

No More Head Trip   Yet another girl caused me to go into a fit of morose wandering, the result being this piece. Some of the language has since been edited, although some of it fit better it its more vulgar state. Before sending me email with links to counseling services, note the date on the bottom of the page, and suffice it to say that I'm over it. Still, viewer discression is advised.

Sunrise   I wrote these lyrics in class in Zittau, bored and annoyed with German. There's no melody to be found here, just yelling. The idea actually has nothing to do with German, only with awakenings, and frustration with people who stagnate and expect the world to follow suit.

Wedding Day   This song puts a very painful time in my life into verbal perspective. It's a long story, but I expect that through reading these lyrics, a person might get some understanding of the emotional confilct involved in this situation.


Pinnochio Takes Woodshop    This paper, I feel, defines what, and how I feel, about life and its expectations of me as a person. I'm no longer as angry as when this was initially written, but I still feel many of the ideas are valid.

This was originally an assignment for my Cultural Anthropology class involving the ideas of Cultural Relativism within a given society. To explain the middle paragraphs, a general definition of Cultural Relativism might go as follows:

The assignment was to choose a society in which there was a practice with which I didn't necessarily agree, and state what Cultural Relativism, in both versions, would tell me to think. Upon reading, I'm sure that the society, and practice that I chose will be clear.

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This section of my site is dedicated to work that I didn't do. Eventually, if I receive more work, I'll create individual pages for each individual writer. Until then, everything will be linked from here.

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