Frozen Dinner

I shed a little tear, to wash away the fear, I have, for you.
Just a tiny drop, it makes the aching stop, I have, for you.
And I'm incomplete,
And I can't compete.
So much to hide,
That I die inside.

The closer that I get, distincly more upset, I am, from you.
You feel so far away, there's nothing I can say, distanced, from you.
And I'm comatose.
I just want you close.
To feel safe with me,
For eternity.

My soul screams for revelation,
All I've got is damnation.
Bashfull contemplation,
Behind non aryan guise.
My heart pounds, anticipation,
At my premature elation.
Mouth stays closed, suffocation,
The man inside me cries.

Close my eyes,
A future I'd like to see.
Help me please,
To appease,
This dreamlike reality.
Can't go on,
For too long,
As half of a greater whole.
Take my hand,
Make a stand,
It's time to take control.

-Divergent Caste-


Copyright 2002