Manifest Destiny

Assimilate, all the people.
Beat em' down, with the steeple.
   Drive them in, till I win, yeah.
   Toothless grin and broken chin yeah.
Ten percent or lose an eye,
Better now then when you die,
Come with me, teach you to lie,
Get your own piece of the pie.
(Chorus 2)

Knock and wait, the trap's set.
Scoop em' up, in fishnet.
   Solicit souls just for a dime, yeah.
   Crack my whip, it's not a crime, yeah.
Lube the chain and grease the spoke,
Knot the tie until you choke,
Grab a pepsi, not a coke,
Mission man, too bad you're broke.
(Verse 3)

Give me wives, fulfill me.
Many lives, can't kill me.
   Name and check, I know I've won, yeah.
   Write a book, and now I'm done yeah.
Dogma turned to fact from scratch,
Help you find your perfect match,
Birthing hips on which to latch,
Progeny, a brand new batch.
(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)

Chorus 1:
Crusaders of the modern age,
  heed our words or be a slave,
   for all eternity.
We're rising up with one strong voice,
  Obey us now, you have no choice,
   in your philosophy.

Chorus 2:
Ma-ni-fest, the world.
Eth-no-cleanse the boys and girls.
I'll feed you lies and give you bread,
Just like me, you'll end up dead.

-Divergent Caste-


Copyright 2002