Gingerbread Epiphany No.2

All my time spent learning crap I'll never need to know.
Countless hours cramming facts from now and long ago.
I for one don't understand, the mold they've made for me.
Go to school and get a job, and that's what they call free.

I'll spend my life behind a desk, in office chairs I'll rot.
And after all is said and done, debt is what I've got.
I'll procreate to pass my seed, maybe they'll be free.
Instead my kids, beat by the system, end up just like me.

I don't want your sympathies, only your aggression.
To live in lost docility is living in oppression.
Anger shows us we're alive, reminds us of ourselves.
Pacified, surpressed retort makes life a living hell.

Cookie-cutter houses, and cookie-cutter lives.
Cookie cutter children, with cookie-cutter wives.
The only ends we wish to know, are not meant to be sought.
The only happiness we have, is that which can be bought.

-Divergent Caste-


Copyright 2001