Stonewall Rides for Freedom Again

The living room walls were talking today,
You might be surprised at what they say.
Trapped, immobile, it's bound to be,
That all they want is to feel free.

So what, then, did they say to me?
Now I wonder, what is "free"?
I'm not even free here, though now I will attempt it.
The rhyme and reason of poetry shouldn't conflict with the message to be conveyed.

Freedom is out of the question, and the walls know it,
I merely caught them in a moment of shameless self-pity.
They DID mention something else that held my attention though.
A lost joy that made being a wall worthwhile.

With this key point, even thumbtacks seemed dull.
Whitewashed life was that much less mundane.
So what was this Mecca of plaster lore?
The A-Team.

The walls liked this show mainly because of Mr. T.
In its multiple year stint, they only had two real complaints.
1: The episode with Boy George reminded them of a 2 year old with new crayons,
2: The guy with the ugly yellow glasses from the last season deserved to be smothered in cheap self-adhesive wallpaper.

So now that the A-Team is all said and done, what are the walls to do?
Someone should take affirmative action.
Ease the suffering, end world hunger... (or not)
Well, that someone is me.

I've set up a comprehensive A-Team re-run fund for walls everywhere.
Recently, TV land had one of those "48 hours of..." marathons,
Guess who got it on tape? (well, 45 of the 48 episodes anyway)
So now I'm selling copies for the benefit of walls around the world.

How much do you love your walls?
What would they say about you if forced to testify in a court of law?
Do good, be a friend, buy some illegally copied tapes.
A small donation might even go to the "Homeless Spacklers of America" foundation.

If not for the spacklers, do it for me.
To have true freedom, I need to be rich,
And to be rich, I need other people's money, YOUR money.
Besides, your walls may just thank you for it.


*A.N.: This is not for real, and I don't want any trouble with copyright authorities or anyone else*