Gingerbread Epiphany No.1

Today I sat down, for the first time, in a long time.
I thought about the was, and the when.
Realizations, who I was, where I've been, what I've done.
Now my waking hours I pretend.

Once complete, I find myself, missing parts, parts of me.
Now I have to ask what happened here?
My days are filed, pointless facts, hollow thoughts, wasted time.
Things are just no more as they appear.

So how to break this iron grasp, not a chance, the system reigns.
But understand we're all in this as one.
Emasculated strength have we, drained of hope, devoid of life.
Look around and see, nowhere to run.

I die a thousand deaths, yet I live through every one.
I've come a thousand miles yet it seems I've just begun.
Why must everything I am be trapled till I'm broke.
Ressurected just to drown, on my own blood I'll choke.

-Divergent Caste-


Copyright 2001