"...it brings a tear to my eye." A metaphor to end all metaphors.

From pure components, mixed and packaged air tight, I await, yet dread, the day I will meet my destiny.
Time passes, dust accumulates, I begin to wonder if I've been misplaced.
To the depths I sink, denouncing my fate, slowly breaking down.
Then, something long unexpected happens.
The seal is broken and I feel something new, both terrible and wonderful; pressure.
I sense myself being forced from comfort.
Gradually, I realize what is happening.
I begin to cease my struggles, slowly, I proceed.
I now see where I'm headed, and try to comprehend it a tiny piece at a time.
Naturally, my attempts are futile, as I realize that it's all just too much to grasp.
Finally, I find my focus, and the gravity of my situation is clear.
Poised and ready, suddenly a new force begins to tear me away.
I struggle, but it's nearly too much.
I just let go.
Falling toward the abyss, there's no turning back.
I crash and somehow manage to go farther than the others.
Sudden darkness.
Deeper and deeper in the oblivion I travel, until there, hidden far beneath the surface, polarity finally grips me.
Collision, united, one, whole.
The impenetrable black is replaced by a brilliantly blinding light, reflected thoroughly, completely, amazing.