My god, my god, the end has come.
My insights into life are vivid, but now closed.
Friends once had, now lost.
Those who loved me, now lost.
My true purpose in life, lost.
I am Ironman.

Thoughtless, emotionless.
My true being consumed in one soul.
The love of that soul,
Leading to my lack of heart for those who care for me.
I wear leaden boots as I sink into eternity.
Regret chasing me into the abyss of death.
I am Ironman.

Visions shooting past me, what did I learn?
Greed and lust, nothing of value here.
My lessons in life aid me not in my flight towards styx.
Soon, I crash, soon, I'm gone,
I can no longer remember myself, hidden behind the deceit of subterfuge.
I am Ironman.

The bottom rushes toward me, I break through.
The flames lick my essence, I break through.
The cage binds me, for immorality racks my soul, escape impossible.
The tortures of darkness, a lack of being
Where am I? What am I? Who am I?
I am Ironman.