Return date is officially set for 7/26


Mood: Peachy
CD: Opeth - Blackwater Park
Song: "The Drapery Falls"

Please remedy my confusion
And thrust me back to the day.
The silence of your seclusion
Brings night into all you say.
Pull me down again
And guide me into pain.
I'm counting nocturnal hours
Drowned visions in haunted sleep.

Spiralling to the ground below
Like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away.


Update 21.7.2004: Ay-Ay-Ar-Gee-Aych
arial version here

Update 15.7.2004: A gentleman's acceptance of defeat
arial version here

Update 2.7.2004: Scratch one from the "Things to do before I die" list.
arial version here

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