"All my life, who am I?"

General Info:

Well, to start things off, if you hadn't already figured it out, my name is Dave. I'm somewhere between 6'5 and 6'6, with brown hair and eyes, (great description, eh?) and weigh in at, well, I suppose if you really wanna know, you'll just have to E-mail me... (it'd be nice, cause I rarely get anything in my mailbox beyond cheap porn, and the occasional chain letter...)

I'm currently a Computer Science and Engineering major at Northern Arizona University, where I pay good money to get my ass kicked thoroughly each and every day of my life. (actually, I'm on scholarship for the time being, but it's the principle of the matter that really counts...) I someday aspire to earn my doctorate in quantum mechanics, and work as a professor of physics on the university level while researching anything and everything undiscovered. Inbetween bouts of general engineering classes, upper level Math, and my own personal binary hell (coding, data structure design, algorithm analysis, etc...), I study Tuba Performance and play in a number of the University's performing enembles. Music has always been a big part of my life, and is, in my opinion, what helps me to preserve my sanity.

Beyond music and microcode, I also enjoy reading and writing. I don't have the opportunity to do a great deal of either anymore, but what I do have time for, helps me to clear my thoughts, and focus on a different side of life for a change. As far as reading is concerned, my favorite author would have to be Kurt Vonnegut. His novels demonstrate an absolute "trueness" that is found in life. There are no happy endings or "once upon a times", just truth -- plain, simple, and to the point. I can appreciate that, even if I'm not always happy with the way things turn out. My writing is usually somewhat political, and even occasionally offensive, but if I always wrote for the critics, I'd be cheating everyone (including myself) out of the opportunity for constructive argument and/or analysis. Some of my writing can be found on that portion of this site. Writing   If any of this spurs a reaction, let me know, I'd welcome any thoughts or opinions.


As I've mentioned, my favorite hobby would probably have to be music. I participate in a variety of performing ensembles ranging from the University's "Lumberjack Band" to the professional "Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra". I enjoy listening to nearly all types of music. I've decided, as I've grown more AND less mature in my musical interests, that musicality can be found in ANYTHING. (yes, even the godforsaken Boy Bands) My favorite types of music are Jazz, some Alternative, and pretty much any kind of Metal. (much to my mother's dismay) Some of my favorite bands/groups include:

The Charlie Hayden Quartet West (w/ Ernie Watts)
The New York Big Band (w/ John Fedchock)
J.J Johnson
Sonny Rollins
John Coletrane
Miles Davis
(I could go on forever naming jazz people I listen to, but what'd be the point?)
I also listen to Dave Gannet and Sam Pilafian who play jazz tuba

Bush (the first album)
The Dave Matthew's Band (D.M.B.)
Eve Six
From Zero
No One
Our Lady Peace
Presidents of the United States of America (1st album, the second sucked my will to live)
Smashing Pumkins

Alice in Chains
Black Sabbath w/ Ozzy (but not anyone else)
C.K.Y. (Camp Kill Yourself)
Drain S.T.H.
Guns 'n' Roses
Led Zeppelin
Maralyn Manson
Monster Magnet
Offspring (mostly the older stuff)
Ozzy Ozborne
Slash's Snakepit
Spike 1000
Stone Temple Pilots
Tenacious D
Union Underground

American Head Charge
Coal Chamber
Factory 81
Fear Factory
Green Jellö Godsmack
Ill Niño
Korn (the first 2 albums)
My Ruin
Nine Inch Nails
Sepultura (mainly the stuff with Max)
Slaves On Dope
Superjoint Ritual
System of a Down
Type O Negative
Rage Against the Machine
Rob Zombie
White Zombie

I also play video/computer games in my spare time. (Mainly "Counterstrike" and Microsoft's "Combat Flight Simulator") Beyond this, it is my personal opinion that the origional 8-bit Nintendo was, and forever will be, the best gaming system ever devised by man. I also enjoy the typcial manly pastimes such as football, beer making, camping, fishing, etc... (essentially anything that'll get me a break from the hellish heat that consumes pretty much everything in Arizona...)

That's all I can think to include in this section of the site for now. I'm sure in later years I'll look back, decide that I can't stand myself, and change it all to something else. I guess that's what living and learning are all about. So until next time...